[Bug 404] Packets stuck in netfilter_queue after heavy loading

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Fri Feb 10 14:48:45 CET 2006


------- Additional Comments From laforge at netfilter.org  2006-02-10 14:48 MET -------
Ok, now I have some news:

I can reproduce it when running iperf over the loopback interface and
doing -j QUEUE in INPUT.

With my debug patches, I get one line

len(4096) < nlh->nlmsg_len(16480)

for every 'stuck' packet. This clearly indicates that the kernel sends
messages that are larger than the 4096byte static buffer that
nfqnl_test.c uses.  I've increased this to 65535 and no longer get those

Hoewver, the buffer actually needs to be even larger, since the maximum
native packet size is 64k, plus the overhead of nfnetlink attributes,

What buffer size do you use in your app?

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