[Bug 404] Packets stuck in netfilter_queue after heavy loading

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Fri Feb 10 14:10:48 CET 2006


------- Additional Comments From laforge at netfilter.org  2006-02-10 14:10 MET -------
Just one minor comment, unrelated to the bug:

> 4. Queue drop rate (7th  field incrementing, "queue_user_dropped",  except we
didn't) of 200-500/sec

'queue_user_dropped' doesn't mean the number of packets that were reinjected
with verdict NF_DOP.  Rather, this value indicates how many packets had to be
dropped because the socket receive buffer of the userspace socket was full. 
Combined with a value of '0' for queue_dropped, this basically means that your
socket buffer always fills up before we reach the maximum queue length.

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