[Bug 25] Can't compile iptables-1.2.7a.tar.bz2

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Mon, 10 Feb 2003 12:45:09 +0100


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------- Additional Comments From delaunois@info.ucl.ac.be  2003-02-10 12:45 -------
This is not really a bug, but a compatibility issue.

The problem is that the release of pom is now decoupled with the release 
of iptables userspace utilities. And now people are using a recent pom
with an old iptables. This is what happens here. The ROUTE target is
still in development and I upgraded it recently. iptables-1.2.7a doesn't
support the new version of the target. The version of libipt_ROUTE.c
compatible with patch-o-matic-20030107 is version 1.3.
You can download the right libipt_ROUTE.c at
Just replace the corresponding file in your iptables-1.2.7a.

However, there is now a newer version of this target (1.4). If you want to use
it, I best recommend to use the CVS version of both iptables and 

I'm afraid, but this kind of problem is likely to appear more frequently
and for other targets/matches as now path-o-matic and iptables are not released

A solution to avoid this is to take care about backward and forward 
compatibility. But the ROUTE target is still in active development and I really
don't want to care about that now. 

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