Linux forwarding Win XP hosts VERY slowly

Dave Cinege dcinege-mlists-dated-1115314932.11faa1 at
Sat Apr 30 19:41:57 CEST 2005

I've built an advanced rotuign appliance, and I'm having 2 outstanding 
problems, that I'm being to think are related to the linux ip/netfilter 
stack, choking on XP traffic (possiblity XP-SP2) hosts that are on the LAN. 
I'm running 2.4.30 at the moment. 

The 2 problems I'm seeing:

1) Forwarded traffic (most notably web) is VERY slow with XP clients. 

Example: Saw this last 2 nights ago: Appliance has a linksys Wifi bridge 
attached to a NIC. Customer browses through the appliance to the Linksys 
config page. It moves like molasses. He browse to the local Zope hosted made 
page. Slow as hell. I unplug his machine, and plug my linux laptop into same 
switch port. Linksys and Zope pages load adn reload instantly. Plug his 
machine in....slow again.

2) Zope serves user interface pages for the appliance. Zope has been locking 
solid for no apparent reason, but only when and Windows host is attached. 
The trick is SOME windows machine don't seem to cause a problem.
I worked with a unit for 3 days using a customers XP desktop. Not a hiccup. My 
partner came in and attached to the network and starting connect to our 
appliance with his XP laptop. Within 15 minutes Zope was hung. 

I'm really lost. ANY ideas out there?

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