NAT to a client

Taylor, Grant gtaylor at
Thu Apr 28 21:28:41 CEST 2005

> client connects to squid, squid connects to web server; two separate
> unrelated connections (besides the fact that 1 inspires 2).  i
> understand that the number 3128 falls within the range 1024 - 65535; and
> if squid is configured to bind only to the internal interface, you'd
> have a 1/64511 chance of seeing a squid server use sport = 3128 and
> dport = 80 to fetch content from an origin web server, but it's not
> likely enough to deserve a dedicated filter rule, IMHO.


I was very aware and would expect that the there were two distinctly different TCP connections, even though the 2nd one is caused by the 1st one.  What I was not aware of is if Squid would send traffic to web servers from a known port and thus would be able to filter based on that.  I can't say as I'm surprised or disappointed by that fact.

Grant. . . .

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