How to stop the flood?

Rob Sterenborg rob at
Thu Apr 28 17:47:53 CEST 2005

netfilter-bounces at <> scribbled on Thursday, 28 April
2005 16:48:

> Thankyou for the reply.
> This was the log from one of my client who was attacked from a client
> on other subnet. 
> My network consist of clients from different subnets of /24.
> The attacks from one subnet travels through my linux router
> and hits the client on other subnet.
> I tried few rules as below but seems not to be working.

The script doesn't block any packets from
If isn't allowed passing your router, you should block it

$IPT -A FORWARD -s [-d <destination_ip>] \
  -j [DROP|REJECT --reject-with-tcp-reset]

Or something like that.

The real solution is like Jason said : track down the person at and kick his/her ass !


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