blocking all traffic except selected ports

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On Sat, 23 Apr 2005, Taylor Grant wrote:

> Jason Opperisano wrote:
>> this brings out an interesting point--as i was speaking from an iptables
>> 1.2.11 perspective (i have not updated a single box to 1.3.x)...we're
>> probably going to have to start specifying iptables version on almost
>> every post to keep from confusing the hell outta people.
> *nod*  I could easily see this becoming a problem.  Is this something that is 
> worth posting / starting and administrative / thread on this list stating 
> that there has been a Flag Day in iptables?  Do we need to come up with a 
> conversion method or at least a table that references version with the old 
> way and new way?

Versioning in the subject would be the preferred method;

Subject : version 1.2.11 Re: blocking all traffic except selected ports


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