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El vie, 22-04-2005 a las 17:12 -0500, Taylor, Grant escribió:
> Are there any merits to using REDIRECT over (or under) DNAT when redirecting traffic back to the box that is doing the redirecting?  Reference Alejandro Villarroel's post (and thread) at
> I responded with an email stating to REDIRECT the traffic only moments after Jason Opperisano responded stating to DNAT the traffic.  I'm just curious if any one knows of any performance benefits / penalties for using REDIRECT vs. DNAT.

I don't really know for sure, but I suppose that if DNAT to the same 
machine was better than REDIRECT then REDIRECT would be deprecated. And
as is the preferred method for squid proxies and the like I suppose
REDIRECT is the way to go.

I've always used REDIRECT and it has a very very low performance 
penalty, so I've never tried DNAT to the same machine.

But I would like to hear Jason Opperisano about this. He knows far
more than I about Netfilter.

> Grant. . . .



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