route all internet traffic through dummy device?

Paulo Ricardo Bruck pauloric at
Fri Apr 22 16:29:52 CEST 2005

Hi Kruk and list

> As I wrote earlier on this list, I have a setup with linux router, 
> three
> local interfaces and one outside interface. I do NAT and manage
> bandwidth. Therefore I needed the IMQ functionality. Unfortunately, no
> distro known by me at that time had kernel with IMQ (I didn't want to
> use stock kernel and patch it myself every time I need to upgrade
> kernel). Besides, it was also a kind of "proof-of-concept" solution.
> Anyway, It works almost flawlessly (except for some strange behaviour
> with GRE packets which I described few days ago).

I agree w/ you. I'm studyng a lot of QoS and I stopped w/ IMQ x dummy.

From rom gname : . Jamal
explained differences betwen IMQ x dummy. Like you I prefer not patch

I know that's not a netfilter stuff but it's RELATED w/ it 8).
Could you give some hints about your solution ? how-to/tutorial or other
place where I can find ?

thanks in advanced

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Paulo Ricardo Bruck - consultor

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