ddos / no connection tracking / tarpitting

Taylor Grant gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Fri Apr 22 09:10:06 CEST 2005

Gary W. Smith wrote:
> Anyone else getting errors when sending to Jozsef on this list.  It's
> the only site that has rejected my mail.
> The following recipient(s) could not be reached:
>       Jozsef Kadlecsik on 4/22/2005 12:02 AM
>             There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's
> email server.  Please contact your system administrator.
>             <pxtvjoexd01.pxt.primeexalia.com #5.5.0 smtp;550
> <user-119bnnu.biz.mindspring.com[]>: Client host rejected:
> Access denied. Your site is banned because of the unsolicited mail
> messages received from it.>

No, can't say as I have.  However it looks like your IP address ( has been banned by the receiving server.  I just pulled that from the header of the email that I am replying to.  You might want to check to see if you are black listed any where.

Grant. . . .

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