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Georgi Alexandrov tehlists at
Wed Apr 20 13:35:26 CEST 2005

hareram wrote:

> Hi all
> iam going through the doc from the following site
> The TTL target is used to change the TTL (Time To Live) field of the 
> packet. We could tell packets to only have a specific TTL and so on. 
> One good reason for this could be that we don't want to give ourself 
> away to nosy Internet Service Providers. Some Internet Service 
> Providers do not like users running multiple computers on one single 
> connection, and there are some Internet Service Providers known to 
> look for a single host generating different TTL values, and take this 
> as one of many signs of multiple computers connected to a single 
> connection.
> I was looking for the option above said in the docs
> can some one give me the example script.
> i would like to restrict other side use only one PC, he/she should not 
> use any proxy server or any other NAT.
This is pointless ... as the user on the other side can increase their 
TTL value the same way you decreased it :-)
refs: #TTLTARGET @

Georgi Alexandrov

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