TTL Examples

hareram hareram at
Wed Apr 20 08:31:17 CEST 2005

Hi all

iam going through the doc from the following site

The TTL target is used to change the TTL (Time To Live) field of the packet. 
We could tell packets to only have a specific TTL and so on. One good reason 
for this could be that we don't want to give ourself away to nosy Internet 
Service Providers. Some Internet Service Providers do not like users running 
multiple computers on one single connection, and there are some Internet 
Service Providers known to look for a single host generating different TTL 
values, and take this as one of many signs of multiple computers connected 
to a single connection.

I was looking for the option above said in the docs

can some one give me the example script.

i would like to restrict other side use only one PC, he/she should not use 
any proxy server or any other NAT.


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