Port Forwarding Problem

Julian Labuschagne personxx at wan4u.co.za
Fri Apr 15 12:34:24 CEST 2005

Hi everyone I'm a bit new to iptables so please bear with me on this one ;)

I wrote a small firewall that basicaly nats users through my gateway 
machine only allowing certain hosts on my network Web DNS and Mail access.

This section works fine.

But I also want to port forward any connections from outside to port 800 
to a host running inside my LAN.
I added a rule in the PREROUTING table to do this.

But it seems that no connection gets forwarded.

If I set my default policies to ACCEPT and add the PREROUTING rule it 
actualy does the port forwarding correctly.

I attached a copy of the firewall I wrote with this message.

Please can someone have a look through it for me cause I'm sure I'm just 
missing something.

Kind Regards Julian.

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