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Jose Maria Lopez Hernandez jkerouac at
Thu Apr 14 10:05:52 CEST 2005

El mié, 13-04-2005 a las 16:16 -0400, Jorge Enrique escribió:
> hi everyone, how can i get reports with iptables
> I have my script for my firewall but i need get reports for all traffic
> my network. How can I do it?

What I do is creating chains for the rules I want to report.
So I do:

iptables -N TCPCHAIN
iptables -A TCPCHAIN -j RETURN
iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -j TCPCHAIN

I think you can see the trick. Then doing a iptables -L TCPCHAIN -xvn
you have the rules.

If you want a system to make reports you can have a look at our
bastion-firewall-stats addon. It's GPL, and you can have the sources
at our website. It creates rrdtool graphics in a web page with the data
gathered from the chains using a libipc based daemon.


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