module matches a set of source or destination ip addresses

Taylor Grant gtaylor at
Tue Apr 12 09:30:59 CEST 2005

Igor Popov wrote:
> 	Hi all,
> It there iptables module(something like mport), but that matches a set of 
> source or destination ip addresses:
> iptables -A ... -p ... -m megamatcher -s ip1,ip2,...-d ip1,ip2,... -j ...

If the IPs in question are in a subnet you can always specify the subnet it's self.  I.e.

iptables -A ... -p ... -s -d ... -j ...

You might want to take a look at the set match.  Set uses an external program (ipset?) to create and maintain the sets that are matched against.  I think set will allow you to have multiple IPs in it that are not necessarily in the same subnet or contiguous.  So that may do it for you.  I have not messed with ipset so I'm not much help for you.  Though a read of the man for it should help.

Grant. . . .

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