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Taylor, Grant gtaylor at
Mon Apr 11 16:40:36 CEST 2005

Try looking at bonding, (Cisco calls this Ether Chanel).  I personally have
not done any thing like this but I do believe that it is possible.  Normally
you have to have a swtich that is bonding capable, but seeing as you are
using corss over cables I think you can mitigate that factor.

Grant. . . .
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> Hi to all, can any one tell me how to build load-balanced stateful
> iptables firewall .
> I am using redhat 9 with an upgraded kernel of 2.6.10.
> I have 2 multi-homed PCs (3 NICs each) that are connected by a cross
> cable. The traffic arrives on one of the PC through one interface and
> has to be distributed over the 2 PCs equally and processed by the
> firewall.
> How can we do this?
> Pls help if you know..
> Regards,
> Visham

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