Iptables vs. Cisco PIX

Taylor, Grant gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Fri Apr 8 21:42:54 CEST 2005

I personally would not claim to know Cisco PIX in any way shape or form as I
have done VERY little work with them.  That being said I have done a little
bit of work on PIXies (is that how you would say PIX plural?) and found it
to be more than a little bit odd.  I'm not saying that there is any thing
wrong with them, I'm just not very comfortable working with them.  IMHO if
my money is on the line I'm going ot use a Linux box running IPTables
IPRoute2 every time that I can.

Grant. . . .

> Hi people !!!
> This time I want to know your opinion about iptables vs. Cisco
> would you use each of them ????
> Is it the same using iptables or PIX in big corporations with heavy
> traffic ???? Which is considered the "best" and why ???
> I use iptables since a long time, but my network is under 50 workstations.
> Thanks for your comments, they're welcome.
> At last, I suggest the tutorial from Jose Negreira at
> it's really good for persons who start into iptables world.
> Thnking in advance,
> Alejandro

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