How can Iget multiple outgoing VPN (pptp) connections with iptables and snat?

AKholod scom_andrey at
Wed Apr 6 14:52:46 CEST 2005

I have problem. Multiple clients in our corporate network need access to
remote network by VPN - PPTP protocol, VPN gate to the remote network is
CISCO router with VPN support. I study many forums and find four solutions
for setup VPN connection:

1) VPN masquerading for old kernel - 2.0, 2.2

2) Special external program - pptpproxy

3) I find links to iptables extensions -
<> ip_nat_pptp,
ip_conntrack_pptp, ip_nat_proto_gre, ip_conntrack_proto_gre, but I don't
find any sources for this modules.

4) Add next rules in iptables startup script:


$IPTABLES -A FORWARD -p tcp --dport 1723 -i $LAN_IFACE -j ACCEPT



And finally I have question: "How CORRECT (RECOMMENDED BY DEVELOPERS) way
for setup iptables version 1.2.11 and Linux kernel 2.6 for admission
multiple outgoing PPTP VPN connections?"


Best regards,

Andrey Kholod

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