netfilter Digest, Vol 9, Issue 12

Visham Ramsurrun vishamr2000 at
Thu Apr 7 08:56:06 CEST 2005

Hi to all,

I wanted to know abt the following:

do we always have to set up ebtables as a bridge or bridge router to
be able to use ebtables commands. Is it possible to have only a normal
firewall using ebtables (just like with iptables). It's just that
almost all examples I've come across talk abt building only bridges,
bridgefirewalls or bridge routers. I just need a confirmation of this.

Also, I want to make the packets move from the link layer right after
ebtables NAT PREROUTING to iptables. I have not set up my PC as a
bridge or bridge router.. I just want to set up a normal firewall that
makes use of both ebtables and iptables.

How do i go about it? do i use br-nf code?Does anyone have any sample
script using br-nf code? If yes. pls send it to me.

Thx in advance..

Best regards,
Visham Ramsurrun

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