Resend: MASQUERADE: Route sent us somewhere else.

Tim Evans tkevans at
Tue Apr 5 12:35:49 CEST 2005

Thanks for your reply.

>the error message you refer to in your subject is normally encountered
>when using MASQUERADE in conjunction with policy routing, which normally
>implies multiple ISP connections.

Just one connection.

>i cannot find information referencing any of the above in the details of
>your post; which could be a possible explanation for the silence.

Might it be some sort of conflict between my immediate ISP (Comcast) assigning a 
my firewall a domain name via DHCP and my using my "real" domain name on the 
inside?  Again, however, this problem didn't happen with RHEL 3.

I've also noted that if I run a traceroute to my main domain and let it 
finish--it may take a minute or two, but it eventually connects--other 
connections then work.  Immediate workaround is to insert the traceroute into my 
fetchmail cron job. 
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