[Bug 1305] Rules in first chain same hook ignored if second chain has policy drop

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Sat Feb 6 14:10:30 CET 2021


--- Comment #14 from Alexander.S <bugz at dragon-home.dyndns-mail.com> ---
(In reply to Frank Myhr from comment #12)
> @Alexander S.: I think the packet flow diagram posted by Egbert S. is
> correct, i.e. output hook comes *after* routing decision. As is also shown
> here:
> https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Netfilter-packet-flow.svg

Please notice the "reroute check" after the "output". Otherwise, "DNAT" and
"mark set" for PBR will not work for outgoing packets.
Also, see http://people.netfilter.org/pablo/docs/login.pdf

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