[Bug 1243] Wildcard can only include <16 files

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Frank Myhr <fmyhr at fhmtech.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Frank Myhr <fmyhr at fhmtech.com> ---
Hit this today. "Nested" wording of error message sent me on a fruitless search
for mismatched curly braces and/or missing newlines, until I finally cat'ed all
files together and included that single file, which works fine.

I'd suggest that whatever the numerical limit on included files, the error
message could be improved. Perhaps something like: "Number of included files
exceeds maximum of 16."

* Not entirely logical on my part, I know, since the error message refers to
nested includes, not nested structures. But I already knew the files I was
including do not themselves include other files. Curly braces were the only
other possible "nesting" I could think of.

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