[Bug 1202] Cannot match on both dport and sport in one nftables rule

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--- Comment #1 from kfm at plushkava.net ---
(In reply to jac from comment #0)
> In nftables v0.5 I could have the following rule to match on EITHER sport or
> dport in the same rule:
> tcp sport ssh tcp dport ssh counter accept
> In nftables v0.7 this no longer works.

As with iptables, logical disjunctions are not supported. That rule should
never have worked for the stated purpose. While "or" can be used in rules, it
works as a bitwise operator, not a logical operator. So, this is really a
feature request.

Perhaps it would be nice for maps to support a metacharacter that matches
anything. For example, imagine being able to write:

tcp sport . tcp dport vmap { ssh . * : accept, * . ssh : accept }

Whether that is technically feasible to implement, I do not know.

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