[Bug 1395] Add element fails with Error: Could not process rule: Invalid argument

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Phil Sutter <phil at nwl.cc> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Phil Sutter <phil at nwl.cc> ---
(In reply to Serguei Bezverkhi from comment #4)
> I do not know what to say, the same set of commands does not work on my
> side. I tried on both 5.3.0 and 5.4.10 kernels. 
> I get the same error from the netlink when I use API to talk directly to
> netlink.
> Any debug I could enable to see why it fails in my case?

It also works for me on Gentoo's 5.4.3 kernel. Maybe compare netlink debug

# nft --debug=netlink add element ipv4table no-endpoints-services '{ tcp . . 8989 : goto do_reject }' 
no-endpoints-services ipv4table 0
    element 00000006 6850a8c0 00001d23  : 0 [end]

Did you try using a number instead of 'tcp'? Does it work with a more simple
key instead of the three concatenated types?

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