[Bug 977] ulogd_inppkt_NFLOG.c:503 forcing unbind of existing log handler for protocol

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Fri Nov 21 14:39:55 CET 2014


--- Comment #21 from Eric Leblond <eric at regit.org> ---

(In reply to Netbug from comment #20)
> Hi Eric,
> The new log; iptables-save_nflog_2 and the output I pasted for,
> cat /proc/net/netfilter/nf_log;
> All this is good now?

All i see in the iptables rules regarding NFLOG is:
 -A INPUT -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix  "Shorewall:INPUT:REJECT:"
 -A FORWARD -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix  "Shorewall:FORWARD:REJECT:"
 -A OUTPUT -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix  "Shorewall:OUTPUT:REJECT:"
 -A logflags -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix  "Shorewall:logflags:DROP:"
 -A net-fw -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix  "Shorewall:net-fw:DROP:"
 -A net-vpn -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix  "Shorewall:net-vpn:DROP:"
 -A smurflog -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix  "Shorewall:smurfs:DROP:"
 -A vpn-net -j NFLOG --nflog-prefix  "Shorewall:vpn-net:REJECT:"

So there is --nflog-group specified which means that the default group 0 is

Thus if you have not another conf where --nflog-group 1 is used then no packet
will never come to log2 which listen to that event.

Is that the case ?

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