[Bug 531] ip_tables.h: IPT_TABLE_MAXNAMELEN bogously #defined to XT_FUNCTION_MAXNAMELEN

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Fri Jan 12 07:17:32 CET 2007


kaber at trash.net changed:

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------- Additional Comments From kaber at trash.net  2007-01-12 07:17 MET -------
I'm afraid this broke compatibility on CRIS (which doesn't do any alignment of
data) and changing it back will break it again. OTOH it also broke compatiblity
for all architectures since the table names are now limited to two characters
less, but that doesn't really matter for mainline (and I guess no sane person
would use a table name with more than 29 characters).

Not sure what to do about it, for know I've asked one of the axis.com (CRIS)
guys to confirm that fixing this would really break on CRIS.

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