[Bug 521] [patch] - some changes to runme script

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Thu Jan 11 19:04:28 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From alan.ezust at presinet.com  2007-01-11 19:04 MET -------
I actually posted 2 versions of that very patch to the list and everyone ignored
it. Why do you NOT want to track such things via the tracker? At least then, if
in between the time I submitted the initial patch, and later, I could UPDATE the
attachment to the tracker item, while if I post to the list, then a whole lot of
people get it who don't need to, and nobody is assigned to actually apply the patch.

I am not going to post ANOTHER version of this patch to the mailing list.  I'm
using my own version of runme now. If you want me to contribute to further
netfilter development, I'd like to see a more organized way of handling patches,
with proper tracking of each patch with an ID#.

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