[Bug 524] packetfence - IPtables-save produces output that iptables-restore cannot parse

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Tue Oct 17 12:35:15 CEST 2006


------- Additional Comments From bruce.rodger at strath.ac.uk  2006-10-17 12:35 MET -------
the rules are created within packetfence by various calls to IPTables::IPv4. A
full output from iptables-save (v1.3.x) is attached - the problem line is at
line 612. We have also seen "--set-mark" missing on some of the subsequent
lines, although I cannot reproduce this at present.

This behaviour has been observed on 2 separate installations at our site, and by
at least one other person on the packetfence mailing list. In our case, it was
observed on both Fedora FC4 and Ubuntu 6.06, using the supplied default generic
SMP kernel, running on a HP DL380 dual processor box.

Full output from iptables-save attached.


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