[Bug 512] poptop (pptpd) will not work if ip_nat_pptp loaded

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------- Additional Comments From kaber at trash.net  2006-10-13 07:28 MET -------
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> (In reply to comment #6)
> > It looks fine, the call is established and PPP/GRE packets go in both 
> directions.
> > Please also attach a ppp log from both sides with the "debug" option enabled.
> The PPP/GRE packets going in both directions are "PPP LC Configuration Request 
> and PPP LC Configuration Reject packets" alternately. I've attached the PPP 
> log from the Poptop server (after enabling debug in pptpd.conf).

Please also enable the pppd debug option so we can see the LCP/IPCP packets. You
can do this in either /etc/ppp/options(.pptp?) or on the command line.

> I've also 
> attached a tcpdump of a successful connection (without ip_nat_pptp loaded) and 
> the corresponding PPP log. The Windows XP clients do not have any useful 
> logging that I am aware of. The error message they display is "Disconnected. 
> Error 619. A connection to the remote computer could not be established so the 
> port was closed." Since I applied the new patches I have found that loading 
> then unloading the ip_nat_pptp module freezes the server and it has to be hard 
> reset. Prior to applying the patches I could load and unload it multiple times 
> without problems.

Mhh thats not good. Did it show anything on the console when locking up?

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