[Bug 429] -j REDIRECT does not appear to work correctly

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Wed Feb 22 06:40:24 CET 2006


------- Additional Comments From James.Schatzman at futurelabusa.com  2006-02-22 06:40 MET -------
I had not used TCPDUMP before. Now that I have read the man page for it, it does
appear that what I thought was happening is happening. When I use REDIRECT, an
attempt to connect to port 80 on the unique port nets a RESET response.

When I use DNAT, I get the SYN+ACK/ACK TCP session startup sequence. Hurray!

In neither case does TCPDUMP show the 9080 port (the port that port 80 is
redirected to), even though I know it is working with the DNAT iptables version,
because I have no service running on port 80. I assume that this is correct

So... I am still clueless.


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