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------- Additional Comments From lkcl at lkcl.net  2006-02-17 10:09 MET -------

perhaps i should put the comments here.

this will be your ONLY opportunity for the linux kernel to contain
such functionality.

can i therefore advise you to locate a suitable adopter who has far
more experience than i of the linux kernel (i.e. someone who knows
the rules because the documentation in the linux source code is
completely inadequate: where in the code does it explicitly and
_usefully_ say "you can't use files_lock() in softirq" such that
anyone who is _not_ familiar with that concept may avoid such an

i will be available to answer all and any questions about this simple

i will _not_, unless the circumstances arise where i have a requirement
to pursue this matter, be "actively" pursuing it.

if, therefore, you consider this to be useful functionality (as evidenced
by fireflier) then you need to locate a suitable netfilter-experienced
person who is willing to work on it.

bear in mind that this patch is NOT intended to deal with "incoming" packets
(the softirq context)

it is ONLY intended to deal with OUTGOING packets ONLY, where, if i remember
correctly, it will be called from USERSPACE ONLY.

from what i remember of this matter, when an "incoming" packet is received,
NONE of the required fields in the data structures are correctly filled in,
because it's required to drop down into userspace to call the function that
fills them in.

therefore, this code is NEVER ACTIVATED on "incoming" packets.


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