[Bug 443] 2.6 kernel failing in NAT with significant outbound traffic

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Wed Feb 15 22:15:09 CET 2006


------- Additional Comments From nothingel at hotmail.com  2006-02-15 22:15 MET -------
Just wanted to clarify that the problem is ONLY visible on recent kernels AND
when  "linux1" acts as a NAT router.

When configured as a normal router (i.e. iptables flushed and only
/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward=1 enabled), the problem does not occur.

Any further thoughts on this?  Is there anything else I can provide that might
shed some light on this issue?  Plan B is that I'll revert to an older distro
with an older kernel....but I would hate to do that because upgrades would
become very limited.

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