[Bug 441] Feature Request; Resolve Domains/Hostnames

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Thu Feb 9 15:43:15 CET 2006


laforge at netfilter.org changed:

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         Resolution|                            |WONTFIX

------- Additional Comments From laforge at netfilter.org  2006-02-09 15:43 MET -------
This is not a fix, it's a feature.  Actually, we should remove support for
resolving host names alltogether.  Why:

1) because we only look up the first A record and not further A records
2) because dns zones can change and we only resolve at ruleset loadtime
3) because DNS can easily be spoofed (and thus firewall rules changed)
4) because a good firewall should first load the ruleset, and only then enable
   network traffic to the outside world and therefore cannot contact a DNS server.

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