[Bug 52] masquerading not working with iproute2

bugzilla-daemon@netfilter.org bugzilla-daemon@netfilter.org
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 00:44:55 +0100


------- Additional Comments From stewart@gammasolutions.com  2003-02-27 00:44 -------
reported as bug as exact NAT script works without the IProute2 stuff on another
bo x. Theory being that these shouldn't be that intertwined and should be able
to be configured seperately (which doesn't seem to be the case on my setup, as
it doesn't work). 'Blocker' becasue there isn't actually anything happenning
that would be considered correct, so it's blocking me doing anything.

didn't know about the list, am subscribing now and will forward basically the
text of this bug to it.

I at least think that there should be some kind of bug reported if the (logical
to me at least) way of doing this doesn't work at all.

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