[Bug 52] masquerading not working with iproute2

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Wed, 26 Feb 2003 18:11:20 +0100


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------- Additional Comments From laforge@netfilter.org  2003-02-26 18:11 -------
Why are you so sure this is a bug?  Did you ask at the LARTC mailinglist, lots
of people should have similar setups.  Maybe it's just a misconfiguration issue?

And even if, how can this be of priority 'blocker'?  It is not security relevant
at all.  A particular feature [that I think is used very often] seems not to
work in a very special setup.  This is certainly no justification for 'blocker'.

Please go discuss this setup at the LARTC (www.lartc.org) mailinglist and
confirm that there really is a bug.  From what I understood, this scenario
should be possible, maybe with different configuration.

We should make sure that only bugs show up in bugzilla _after_ it is assured
that there is no way to configure a particular (supposed to be working) feature.

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