[Bug 37] icmp match defaults to --icmp-type icmp-echo-reply

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------- Additional Comments From laforge@netfilter.org  2003-02-03 16:52 -------
Incompatible solutions:                                                         
1) have a special value meaning "no icmp type specified", for example -1 (0xFF) 
   would mean "any"                                                             
2) create a possibility to match a range of icmp types, and initialize the      
   range to [0,max_icmp_type]                                                   
3) use a bitmask instead of a range where each bit would mean a specific        
   icmp type                                                                    
Option 1) could be implemented without changing the size of the match           
struct, the other two would involve changing the size of the match struct.      
I've checked the kernel source, specifying -1 for old kernels would mean        
'match nothing', thus our beloved compatibility equations would be like         
1) old kernel - new iptables                                                    
when ANY icmp type is specified, no packets would be matched, this is           
different from the current behaviour when icmp type 0 is matched (PONG).        
when a usual icmp type is specified everything works correctly.                 
2) new kernel - old iptables                                                    
no problem.

The question is whether we can live with the incompatibility of matching        
nothing instead of PONG when no --icmp-type is specified.

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