How to remove TCP options when doing NAT?

Fabrice Triboix Fabrice.Triboix at
Thu Jun 28 15:26:52 CEST 2007

Hi Cedric,

> What were the options that were not present _before_ the gateway ?

I have some difficulties to understand the question...
The TCP packets coming from the local network (before the gateway) do
not have extra options in their TCP headers. Their TCP headers are 20
bytes in size.

> I don't know of any mangling extension for TCP options, like
> IPV4OPTSSTRIP for IP options.

I guess it is part of the NAT mechanisms... I just would like to know
whether this is configurable or not...
I forgot to mention that I am using Linux 2.6.18, arch i686.

> PS: pls keep the list Cced...

Yes, my mistake!!



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