problem related to coustom hook module .....plz help

hitesh sharma engineerhitesh at
Tue Apr 24 10:20:30 CEST 2007

hello all ,
actually i am writing the custom table at forward hook in netfilter framework.
so , as we know that if we want to pass argument at insertion time we
can pass it by using module_param(), so i did it successfully. but
problem occurs , when i want to pass array of structure to my module ,
i will explain it in brief
struct Queue{
int src_ip;
int dst_ip;
int tcp_port_src;
int tcp_port_dst;
int protocol;
char *action; /*NF_ACCEPT,NF_DROP,NF_QUEUE*/
so , now i want that i should be able to set the 5 diff. rules at the
time of insertion.
but i tried it alot , but no result.
so , plz anybody will suggest me how to do it, or any other idea to
set various rule by command line.
thanks .....

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