[PATCH] ip_tables.h

Patrick Ale patrick.ale at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 19:43:16 CEST 2007

Hi lads,

I had some problems compiling the external netfilter modules due to
missing definitions.
I googled a lot, saw a lot of people having the same problems but no
real answer to how to fix it.

So.. I made a little patch which make things work for me, at least.

Modules that work after applying the patch are the geopip module,
connlimit module, and prolly more, but I didnt test them.

Please note, I am not a coder, not a maintainer and I am happy that I
didnt break anything so please don't consider this as a proposal to
include in the kernel or something, I am just in favor of sharing what
helped me getting things to work, if i can help others with it or if
it is interesting material for inclusion, even better :)

So, the patch is attached in this email and can also be found on

I hope this helps a people or two.

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