Patch for h323 conntack for certain kernels

Alan Ezust alan.ezust at
Thu Nov 30 18:29:39 CET 2006

I grabbed the h323 patch from the svn repository, since it is still available 
(out of trunk, though). I wanted to apply it to

I haven't been able to verify that it actually works yet though. I'm trying to 
use it with l7 filters and so far, it doesn't detect any of our h323 traffic.

Your idea is probably better, but I'll be interested to know what works for 
you since we're in the same boat.

On Thursday 30 November 2006 03:21, ArcosCom Linux User wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to patch kernel with h323 conntrack patches, but
> I don't found it in pom-ng.
> I'm thinking in take it from 2.6.19 kernel (the *h323* files and take a
> view in Kconfigs and Makefiles files).
> I know from 2.6.17 series, h323 where into kernel and they patched
> sometimes h323 sources.
> Could anybody say me if copying the files into sources and
> modifiying Kconfig and Makefile files it will work?
> Thanks

Alan Ezust  
Presinet, inc         alan.ezust at
           Victoria, BC, Canada
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