Transfer, (forward) all traffic bound for PublicIP-A to PublicIP-B. Is iptables the right tool?

Eric J. Marang list05 at
Thu Nov 30 12:59:34 CET 2006

Netfilter list readers,

I'm looking to transfer or redirect all traffic bound for one public 
addresses to another public address at a different geographic location.

I have been working with Netfilter/iptables but have not met with 
success. I suspect I am overlooking something fundamental either with 
iptables and/or Linux in general. Is iptables the right tool for this?

Location A
Consumer 'router'						Linux Box A
PublicIP A.B.C.D / PrivateIP 192.X.Y.Z    --	192.X.Y.W

Location B
Consumer 'router'						Linux Box B
PublicIP E.F.G.H / PrivateIP 10.X.Y.Z      --		10.X.Y.W

I appreciate your thoughts.


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