Someone is using too much bandwidth???

lubasi lubasi at
Wed Nov 22 15:44:14 CET 2006


Ntop! wow looks interestig but for the past few 5 hours or so i have
been struggling compiling it. I can seem to resolve the configure

checking sctp... no
checking for xmldump... configure: WARNING: error

* WARNING:  One or more items required for the xmldump plugin are
*           missing:
*         or libxml2.a...yes
*         or
*         or
*           (yes means it was found, no means it was not found)
*       ntop will run just fine without this plugin.
*>>>    If you want to use the xmldump plugin,
*???     1. Install the necessary headers and libraries.
*???    and rerun ./configure

>>ntop is a good solution too.  It gives you current thoroughput and
>>bandwidth consumption.
>>It gives you info about the transmission type as well - TCP/UDP.

Am terribly stack!

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