Someone is using too much bandwidth???

Danny dineshg at
Wed Nov 22 06:48:48 CET 2006


ntop is a good solution too.  It gives you current thoroughput and total 
bandwidth consumption.
It gives you info about the transmission type as well - TCP/UDP.

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- Danny

tom wrote:
> Taylor, Grant wrote:
>> lubasi wrote:
>>> How can i interprate the #tail -f /var/logs/messages to determin
>>> which machine is doing kazaa or any other P2P???consuming the
>>> bandwidth.
>> By default /var/log/messages will not record any thing about traffic 
>> that is
>> passing through the system.  You can add IPTables rules that will cause
>> matched packets to be logged via Syslog which you can then see in
>> /var/log/messages.
>> However to get a better idea of what traffic is running on your network,
>> consider TCPDump or a GUI front end like Etherial.  This will give you a
>> real time report of what traffic is flowing in to / out of / through 
>> your
>> system (presuming you sniff the correct interface).  You can tell 
>> from this,
>> which computer is consuming more bandwidth than it should based on the
>> frequency of the source / destination IP showing up in TCPDump's output.
>> You could add rules to IPTables that match specific IPs in question and
>> watch the hit counters to see which system(s) are incrementing their
>> counters at an exceptional rate.  One (or more) system(s) should jump 
>> out at
>> you as being the culprit(s).
>>> And how do i block these popular P2P???
>> First you need to find out more about the type of P2P traffic that 
>> you are
>> experiencing so that you can more accurately filter it out / rate 
>> limit it.
>>  I will say that you may have better luck with rate limiting.  If you
>> completely block a users access to something they will find a different
>> method to get to what they want to get to.  If your users switch to
>> something else you then have to learn about that too.  Where as if 
>> you let
>> your users use one system but control the amount of bandwidth 
>> consumed and /
>> or the priority you may not play the above game nearly as often.
>> My family has a saying, "Give 20% to get 80% of what you want.".
>> Grant. . . .
> iftop will suit your needs for monitoring like that. 

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