nfq_get_timestamp fails

Ury Segal ury_segal at
Tue Nov 7 00:46:03 CET 2006


I get a return value of -1 from nfq_get_timestamp
when I call it from the nfq callback function,
like this:

static int
cb(struct nfq_q_handle *qh, struct nfgenmsg
*nfmsg, struct nfq_data *nfa, void *data)
        u_int32_t mark;
        char *packet;
        unsigned int data_len;
        struct timeval ptv;

        mark = nfq_get_nfmark(nfa);
        nfq_get_timestamp(nfa, &ptv);
        data_len = nfq_get_payload(nfa,&packet);
        ptv.tv_sec = 0;
        ptv.tv_usec = 0;
        int res = nfq_get_timestamp(nfa, &ptv);

I get good values for the data_len, mark
and the packet payload. Packet ID and
hw address are OK, too. Only the timestamp
is not.

The pvt variable is untouched.

>From some investigation I did I found that 
nfq_get_timestamp fails if it can't find the
timestamp attribute NFQA_TIMESTAMP "attached"
to the message. I guess it's just not there -
do I need to use iptables to turn this on ?

I'm using libnetfilter_queue-20061102, running
on Fedora Core 5 with kernel
i686. gcc version 4.1.1 20060525 (Red Hat



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