REF: Blocking Yahoo

Jasbir Khehra jasbir.k at
Fri Nov 3 15:17:22 CET 2006

lubasi wrote:

>Dear All,
>I'm new to this list and netfilter as a whole.
>I have setup rules on my iptables and when i block yahoo, only those
>using gaim IM client using yahoo are blocked but the native yahoo IM
>client is passing through my firewall. Whats wrong with my chains
>below. Thank you in advance.
>My chains
>#Block Yahoo Messnger
>/sbin/iptables -I FORWARD -s MYNETWORK/24 -d -j DROP
Yahoo IM protocol can tunnel through port 80 , I believe Gaim also has 
this feature( tweak the network settings ).
IMO best bet to block yahoo using netfilter is, but this requires a kernel+iptables patch.

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