cooperation between connection tracking and traffic shaping

Eric Leblond eric at
Wed Nov 1 11:45:18 CET 2006


Le mercredi 01 novembre 2006 à 11:21 +0100, Filip Sneppe a écrit :
> Hi Yakov,
> On 11/1/06, Yakov Lerner < at> wrote:
> > It worked. But I think it was ugly because:
> >     (2) maybe there is a much easier way to achieve this
> > qos-to-conntrack cooperation [than hacking conntrack modules] ?
> >
> Yes, the general way to do this, is to use the MARK target from
> netfilter to mark the packets you want to QoS and then use the fwmark
> from within your tc rules.
> That works without hacking any code. Note that the fwmarks can also
> be used between netfilter and the advanced routing framework in the
> Linux kernel (ip route, ip rule, etc.)

Yes, but you have to use CONNMARK on top of that to be able to put the
mark on all packets of a connections. It also works with RELATED
packets. This will be useful with SIP ...

Eric Leblond <eric at>
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