kernel freeze issue

Zoltan Nagy kirk at
Fri Nov 11 20:06:27 CET 2005


/dev/rob0 wrote:
> General comment on the format: it would help if you would put the text 
> and list portions in standard (>80 columns) format. ASCII drawings are 
> harder to fit sometimes, but even those will come across better under 
> 80 columns. I use a GUI MUA so I was able to resize to view your post 
> properly, but remember, much of your audience might be using mutt.

ok, i use 212x83 terminals ;)

> On Wednesday 2005-November-02 14:45, Zoltan Nagy wrote:
>>	filter is freezes in random intervalls(30m - 6day) - on-board
>>watchdog(i8xx) reboot's the system i've tryed many things, remove my
>>custom patches...but it won't help ;) in the kernel trace i've last
> I would suspect hardware first.
another part of the story...problem started with a rtl8139 if
on the side of the micro it have been failed time to time,
the transciever has gone mad, and packet traversal has become 20% ;)
so...we tried a 3c940 to put it on the router side - the card don't
take up the link...
we tried rtl8169 - like the 940
so, we bought 2 brand new 3c905tx, i'm not sure(because at this time
was a hw change, and i've rewrote nearly everything in a new style...
so i don't suspected hw issue, but i will try an intel100 ;)

> Did you try swapping out that NIC?
yes ;)

> You do have my sympathy, but I didn't download the file. I would be 
> likely to do that if it was something I could view in the browser, like 
> text or HTML.
i think people like to read source in there own ways, i prefer use less..
/there's a bit too many files in it/
...and i hate viewing sources in browser - i hate white bg color ;)


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