kernel freeze issue

KOVACS Krisztian hidden at
Wed Nov 9 12:01:03 CET 2005


On Wednesday 02 November 2005 21.45, Zoltan Nagy wrote:
> problem:
> 	filter is freezes in random intervalls(30m - 6day) - on-board
> watchdog(i8xx) reboot's the system i've tryed many things, remove my
> custom patches...but it won't help ;) in the kernel trace i've last
> seen(i've a blurry image)
> 	the kernel remove some packages from the boomerang interface
> 	ip_rcv_finish, etc..
> 	ipt_do_table is the last in the call trace...

  Please try to get at least a backtrace, withouth that probably nobody will 
be able to help you. The above information (ip_rcv_finish and ipt_do_table 
being present in the trace) is completely useless, as processing _any_ IPv4 
packet could lead to receiving such a backtrace...

> my tips was:
> 	ipt_condition	-	in pom it's <2.6.0 but i've read the code, and i think
> it's safe to use 

> today's surprise:
> 	ip l s eth0 promisc on	==> freeze, without any trace ;)

  You could still try getting a backtrace with SysRq + P.

  Krisztian Kovacs

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