pptp & NAT

Sebastian seb at exse.net
Sat Nov 5 23:48:18 CET 2005

Am 05.11.2005 um 15:22 schrieb Matt Domsch:
>>> - I am unable to estabish two pptp connections from one client, I  
>>> can
>>> connect to one pptp server and I can connect to a second pptp  
>>> server,
>>> but the second connection never accepts any traffic, when I stop the
>>> first connection, the second connection begins to work. Is this a  
>>> bug or
>>> a known missing feature ?
>> This is intended to work.  I haven't personally tested it in
>> 2.6.14 though.
> Using the endian fix patch and this patch (both are attached to bug
> 397), this is working for me on a 2.6.14 kernel (really, git HEAD from
> yesterday plus these two patches).  I've got 2 clients, one WindowsXP,
> one Fedora Core 4, hitting the same PPTP server at the same time.
> Sincere thanks to both you and Harald for this effort!

what is not working for is to connect two pptp-servers from one  
client machine!


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