[netfilter] Re: iptables problem

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Fri Nov 4 05:26:48 CET 2005

R. DuFresne wrote:

> Interesting, and that means I suspect that you have no ability to tune 
> or config them as well?  Could one put in a request the third parties 
> config them to look at one trusted host you could setup to pull the 
> files from?
> Have they been "tested" for their security?  Seems a tad risky, 
> depending upon placement, hopefully they are in a dmz and not the soft 
> chewy center....

    Tested for security?  Does the fact that they transmit order details 
(including plain text client information and an encrypted CC string 
within the same file) via plain old FTP tell you anything?  Do I, 
personally, trust this system?  Oh HELL NO.  Would I, personally, use 
them to place any orders?  Oh HELL NO.  Do I have a choice in not using 
them?  Nope.  I'm merely the one that has to make them work...the big 
guys paid the money.

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